New Design Portfolio

I'm so excited to finally get started on a personal portfolio of my design work. The past week has been fun gathering all my work and I was kinda shocked at all the places my work has shown up around the internet and in print!! It's all pretty surreal sometimes...but also feels really good to know that I have built a portfolio!! It's not huge and I don't have a lot of clients...but I like what I have completed so far and I'm looking forward to building it over time!!

I'm still working out the kinks....for example I have no idea how to post images to my blog yet. Eh. I will figure it out. Just going along with my motto to JUST START! And I will eventually figure it out. That's what doing this entrepreneurship thing is all about, right? Anyway, my goal is to post once a week on start out. It's a big goal for I haven't traditionally been a consistent blogger. But I think this site will be a great place to gather all my work together in one place.

So! I'm going to go figure out how to post photos and some other stuff too. And hopefully I will be back here next Thursday!